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Ujay Weight Loss and Dieting Blog in Nigeria 

helps you on your quest for weight loss and getting in shape. Ujay weight loss and dieting blog also seeks to help you gain your self confidence back, giving out meal plan where you know what to eat, how many calories it contains and learn different kinds of healthy recipe which will enhance weight loss goals.

This weight loss and dieting blog daily exercise routine is being posted to help you keep fit and achieve your weight loss goals.



The “Go Green Diet” (GGD) is a diet plan involving clean, healthy eating and exercises targeted at every person desiring to either loose and/or maintain weight or adopt a healthy living lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising.

Designed with an international content yet local adaptability especially for the Nigerian Market where local foods are high in calories and cholesterol, subscribers to the program have found it reasonably easy and cost effective to adopt, execute and practice safe weight loss tips and healthy eating.

About Ujay

I am Ujay Udegbe, a Certified Weight Loss Trainer and Expert of over Seven (7) years. I am a mother to two beautiful kids who mean the world to me and am passionate about healthy living.

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