Weight Loss Transformation – Ofe Esimaje

I had always been a slim girl weighing 68kg precisely a size 8 and 10 when I added too much during holidays. I got out of control when I started having children. I believe it was more psychological and a bad eating habit and choice of food. After I had my first child, I started eating large portions of food believing I wasn’t full unless my tummy got big because I got used to seeing my big stomach.

Everyone around me encouraged me saying I was breast-feeding. I realized too late that they encouraged a sickness unknowingly. By the time I had my second child my family got worried and started asking me to loose weight after the third child, I added so much weight that I became unable to control it anymore, my inlaws took to insulting me, my husband’s friends told him to leave me trying to convince him that it would make me sit up and loose the weight. Some even told me to my face, I stopped taking pictures because I lost my confidence. My husband had to face a lot of embarrassment from friends and family members and stopped going anywhere with me. He’d rather go to functions alone. My children became my consolation so I focused on their happiness.

Soon it affected my health too I couldn’t walk long distances and had pains in my joints, short breaths snored loudly when I slept, had discolorations on my skin and the dermatologist advised I lost weight that giving me drugs would be a waste of money.

One day I saw a colleague of mine who used to be fat but this time she wasn’t fat she was slim and I was shocked. I asked how she did it and she didn’t hesitate to tell me about Ujay. So I told my husband and he encouraged me to start.

Before two months down the line I noticed I couldn’t fit into my old clothes they were too big, believe me the excitement was amazing. People noticed that I was loosing weight and they were also happy for me. The praises and encouragement I received daily was boosting, becoming a confidence booster.

Loosing weight wasn’t easy, it got to a point I stopped loosing weight but it didn’t stop me from trying and with encouragement from people. My husband dropped a challenge that if I got to a particular weight he will give me a gift. That became an incentive and I continued with the journey. The challenge, made me realize that my husband really wanted the girl he married and was willing to help me bring her back. Today I have finally brought back that girl.

I am so happy that I found Ujay and I can’t contain my joy. I now take pictures, walk around with so much confidence and energy, know that I am and I also feel beautiful.

Thank you so much Ujay for giving me a second chance at life, I love you for this and thank you so much to my coaches for being there for me no matter the time and how stupid or childish my complaints were. Thank you so much for making yourselves available for God to use as an instrument to touch my life and every other person you have done this for.

Thank you for helping me get my groove and confidence back.

God bless you real good.

Ofe Esimaje.

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