Weight Loss Transformation – Caroline

It’s a rebirth, a renewal and indeed a transformation! As my hubby would say, “there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are determined”. The pictures where I wore a peach lace & a teal headgear were taken on my baby’s dedication on 22nd May 2016 when I was weighing 108kg. I went on to add another 8kg making 116kg before I forced myself to do something about my weight as I was now battling with knee pain and breathlessness.

So my weight loss journey started with Coach Ujay at the end of July 2016 as I rounded up exclusive breastfeeding for my baby. It was tough but I wasn’t going to look back. So for 10 months (with breaks in-between), I struggled to shed the pounds! From someone that couldn’t do 5 skips, I graduated to doing 100 at once. From someone who falls flat at any attempt to do the Burpee routine, I graduated to one who could do 50 Burpees within 10 minutes. From a plus size of 24/26, I’ve moved to a size 10/12; and many more victories. So from 116kg, I have gone to 81kg as at 20/05/2017. Losing a total of 35kg!

Special thanks to Coach Ujay and the lovely coaches in Ujay Weight loss group (Coach Mma & Coach Seyi) who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. They pushed me beyond my limits with the healthy meals, energetic exercise routines, the challenges and not forgetting the punishments. Now, healthy living is but a lifestyle for me. I’m really grateful.

So I want to encourage someone here:
If me (a lover of ice cream, fanta, chin-chin, bread, a greatest fan of groundnut, name it) could do it, then you can. This transformation is purely possible because I made a switch from junks to clean eating! I exercise daily and sometimes twice a day as the spirit leads. No pills, no drugs!

Yes you can!

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