The Best Fat Burning Drink I Discovered


This natural drink is used to treat numerous things and is being prepared with lemon and chia seed.This drink help us to avoid flu, cleanse the body and prevent fat accumulation. its tasted and trusted and can be done in your home.


  1. Juice from 1 lemon
  2. Chaia seed { 1 tablespoon}
  3. Honey {1 tablespoon}
  4. water {1 1/2 glasses}.

Preparation and use:

To begin we should soak the seeds of chia for a minimium of 1 hour. when they soak up the water , they will appear like gel pellets due to the fact that of the fibre they include.

strain them and blend them with the amount of water indicated above and the lemon juice .

put all the ingredient in to a mixer or blender and blend properly.

This juice must be taken every morning, to accelerate our metabolism and slim down rapidly.



Its a natural cleanser that helps eliminate toxic substances

It provides few calories

Its removes the fat in the blood.

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