You Will Not Believe What Happens When You Boil Banana And Drink The Liquid!!

Quality sleep is vital for proper body function. Sleep deprivation can trigger a number of health issues including hypertension,depression , sickness, weakness, nervousness or low energy level through out the day. Poor sleep normally results from an unhealthy diet, inactivity, lack of mineral or anxiety.

Good night’s sleep provides complete body and mind relaxation, it also help in brain function and increase energy level.
As a bedtime snack you can try banana and cinnamon tea.


?One raw banana

?One liter of water

?Pinch of cinnamon


?Cut off the very ends of the banana and add to the water , leave it to boil for 10 minutes.

?Pour water through colander and into a tea cup or mug

?Add small amount of cinnamon to taste.

?You have to drink it an hour before going to bed.

You can try this recipe and drop you comments below

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