Onome Transformation Story in FMO Program

I work between cities and in the course of my travel was involved in an accident, where I broke my femur in 2 places. In the course of my treatment and without any advise. I ate every thing that came my way as l was told to generate enough calcium to grow back the bone and coupled with limited movement, l soon gathered much weight and blew up reaching 112kg.

I had to undergo another surgery to realign the bone. As I got better, the doctors concern was now how my healing bones could carry my weight,Because of limited movement, and inability to properly exercise, l wondered how l was going to drop weight until my sister Joan introduced me to a friend who had lost a lot of weight under the FMO programme. Through her,l was introduced to FMO.it was an exciting time as l learnt to make healthy meals and do limited exercise because l was using a walking aid.

I followed the instructions given by my coaches in my diet and exercise(as far as l could go ) religiously assisted by my family and my sisters in my FMO class.l was amazed at the changes within a short period, my weight loss program is still a work in progress as l intend to incorporate the lessons learnt in Fmo into my daily life as l don’t intend to become overweight again.

l want to sincerely thank my coaches .You are simply the best and my team mates for their encouragement.

Onome story is so touching and if she can do it , you can do it too. A lot of clients do chat me and say Ujay i want to loose weight but don’t want to exercise but Onome here is using a walking aid and she lost that weight by eating healthy and doing little exercises.

3 thoughts on “Onome Transformation Story in FMO Program

  • September 10, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    I’m so proud of you Onomen. #proudcoach

  • September 11, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Touchy! Even in ur state u refused to b burdened. U inspire me. God bless u with His healing touch. Ujay, u rock!


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