The Only 3 Tips You Need To Use In Tightening Your Saggy Breast

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I do get emails from clients complaining about their breast been saggy and they don’t like it. You think its impossible to get your firm toned breast back? of course not.

i will be sharing a home remedy that actually tighten the skin on your breast, leaving them firm and plump.I absolutely assure you that this three tips work so well, so you would want to get started right away and make sure u comment below once u start seeing results.

Tip 1: The Workout

1.Lay on your back on a bench {use your bed or a mat if you don’t have access to a bench}.

2.Take one 5 pounds weight in each hands.

3.Raise your arms straight above your chest.

4.Then lower them out to your sides as far as you can, lie you are an airplane.

5. Now raise them up again , back above your head.

You are going to be doing 3 sets of 10 of these every day. This is for the muscles under the breast,in your upper chest and in your underarm area. I bet u in a month u won’t recognize your boobs lol
Tip 2: The Home Remedy

The only ingredients is fenugreek and almond oil mixed properly.

Lay in your bed, with some pillows behind your back.

Take some of your mixture and rub them together

Place one hand on each breast and make small circles around both of them in massaging motion.

Make 10 circles around each breast and you are done yeah!

please try to get a firm bra, its very important.

Try to do this everyday or at least 3 times a week and you will see how firm your breast will be.

Tips 3: The Home Remedy

Once you are done with tips 2 try to take a spoon of fenugreek and mix in a warm water{ please not hot water but warm} and stir properly and drink up.

Please do try it and give me a feedback, i will appreciate that a lot.

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