Words can’t explain how happy I’m..coming in to GGD &knowing Ujay is the greatest happiness of my life,@1st my hubby Neva tout I can do it, he saw it as waste of time buh I said 2 myself this’s a big challenge Dt if Ujay can get ride of her own fats?&luk so sexy,I can..that tout kept be going till now,i use to be a lover of junks&minerals but now I tell u it’s a NO 4 mua?

I call it “Self discipline and determination”Fat’s so ugly &wicked..i can’t thank u enuf Ujay,ur rily a God sent.

i bless d day I stumbled on ur channel,ur indeed a life saver…Thank U…Thank U…Thank U?a big thanks to our 2nd in command Joesmal…U all Rock…

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