My pic before I started the program
My pic before I started the program

I Thank God for the day I joined GGD,I never liked my sudden weight gain but I just ignored it,In Nov 2014 I registered at a gym around d house,I just got pissed as,it was not working for me ,I would exercise nd come home to eat as I liked,i loved bread alot , rice was just a do without, 7up,and milo was my everyday drink.
I followed ujay channel since June 2015 but will do it some days when I felt like and other days will do it in my mind,i saved lot of workout video from her channel,and would just watch them.
In August 2015 I just noticed that when I get up from bed in the morning my legs will feel so heavy to carry, climbing the stairs became trouble, I would get tired at every little chance,when I complained my doctor said,madam can u drop this your weight.
On my way home ,i got thinking,was not sure of how to start, I remembered Ujay and chatted her, she told me the procedures,rules and requirements ,I paid and that was how my weight loss journey began.
I joined GGD class and that was it I lost in inches day by day and to my amazement I lost a whooping 5kg in 2wks with d detox plan and workout,i was an amateur at working out,so l got lot of sores,sprains,body aches especially the first week I started,but that dint stop me, I got better day by day,and was more focused .
I started getting compliments,and I wanted more,so I would exercise morning and night nd do extra workout. At a time I got pissed when my scale was not moving it actually took another 3weeks For me too lose 2kg, then I decided to ignore d scale and just follow my meal plan and workout routine.
I would just wonder why my cloths got so loose weekly,and the scale wasnt,i was actually loosing more in inches than in kg.
My colleagues would laugh at me,when they see my bottle of smoothie /fruit bowl etc


I now weigh 83kg from 100kg ,its still a work in progress for me.
Am so happy with the new me, apart from loosing weight,i have learnt how to live nd eat healthy,I must confess the journey was not easy,several times I felt like not working out,sometimes I cheated,and would punish myself with burpee, whenever I felt like quiting I would look at my recent pics nd be like u can do it gal,just one more week and you are there,gradually it became a lifestyle.
I will definitely miss u all GGd4 and 3+GGD group sisters u guys rock .i wish us all the very best in our weight loss journey.
My Adorable coachies,Ujay, Mariam, Erelu,Joshmal luv u all,promise to make u proud and be a good ambassador of GGD . #MOBI Luvs uuuu all#,
And to my husband who was my physical monitoring agent,I can’t thank you enough,all d gate to gate run at the stadium every saturday morning paid off…..
A big thankyou to all that made this journey a reality,God bless u all in billion folds.

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