At 77kg, my Medical Practitioner told me I was obese, gaining too much weight and had to lose some because of my height which is 150cm.
I followed Ujay’s channel for about 2 weeks and lost 2kg. I then joined GGD4 on 3rd of September as a 75.3kg, then moved onto FMO in November weighing 63kg; as my muscles were toning and I seemed to not to be losing so much in weight anymore.
I now weigh 60kg and I’ve moved from a uk size 14 to 8. My reduction is more obvious in size than weight.
Every one keeps talking about how great I look; with some telling me to stop.
My husband feels so proud of me. I feel so good about what I wear, how I’ve changed in sizes and I feel so motivated towards maintaining my new weight.
Thanks Coach Ujay for being used as an agent of change in my life. Coach Joesmal, Coach Lucy, GGD4 & FMO members, thanks for motivating me always and with your comments on my videos. God bless you all
Indeed, GGD rocks!!!

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