My name is Chidimma. I’ve always wanted to be slim but I’m so lazy to work out. After I had an accident in 2007 and fractured my leg, it became a perfect excuse not to jog anymore, even 5 yrs after, I drop weight with pills and gain it like 2 times more whenever I stop.

I luv coke and cake so much… amongst other things. One day I climbed d scale and discovered that I was 101 kg. I quickly climbed down cos I didn’t want any other person to see it ?. I immediately ordered for c9 and used it, after that I dropped to 97 kg and gained back 2 kg like 3 days later. That was June this year. That period I came across Ujays channel, always loved her work outs but never did them. ( or rather did them in my mind ?).

In Sept, I took advantage of d promo she offered and enrolled in her ggd programme. God bless d day I took that bold step. I started with 99 kg, was so determined cos at that point, pills weren’t working for me anymore and I was already loosing hope and it was now a prayer point. 99 kg for a single lady was really embarrassing. I became dedicated to d meal plan, and tried my best with d work outs.

In one week, I dropped 4kg and I knew then that I have found d answers to my weight loss. Now I’m currently weighing 79 kg and I’m still not giving up. I’ve learnt to eat clean, play around with vegs. I’ve broken myself off from coke addiction and now work out without being pushed. I want to use this medium to thank my aunty coach like I use to call them, Ujay and Joesmal… my wonderful partner Bobby who didn’t allow me to relapse and made sure I conquered burpee ?.

My wonderful GGD 5 class mates who were all my inspiration. D class is so fun that I didn’t want to stop. My only regret in this journey is not starting as soon as I discovered d channel. If u re fat, pls take d bold step and gain ur self confidence back. God bless u Ujay and Joesmal.. I’ve got my swags back.


  • December 27, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    Sis you are looking amazing , lovely transformation, looking good.


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