Hello everyone, growing up my dad always says “watch it you have the tendency of getting fat like you sis” I don’t know her weight but she was fat!!!. After service 2008, I exploded a bit, I tot I won’t add more but shortly before my wedding in May I told an elderly friend I wanted lose weight I was already working out seriously cos at that point my husband started complaining and my tailor because most of the clothes she sewed couldnt fit. I was introduced to C9 I used it in May but nothing serious happened I think I was 85kg then I dropped to 83kg and I’ve been battling with it since then.


I saw Ujay’s channel joined but wasn’t checking, later I left. Few weeks later I was discussing with my cousin who was on a weight loss journey she told me to join but I didn’t have money and as God wld have it in October Ujay posted the discount cos it was her birthday and I took the opportunity. Am so so glad I did cos if I’ve not I won’t be here today.

GGD rock, the best way is to go green. I love GGD 9&3 you all are superstars, the journey so far has been awesome am now weighing 70kg. Coach Joesmal and mini coach Gnel u rock. #Thefearofburpeesisthebegginingofwisdom#

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