I never thought I could lose so much weight. I have tried several methods but none worked. I even tried a popular diet program, i lost some kg, but it came back double fold like an evil clinging load.
Then I just told myself, “you have never been slim so why do you think it is possible to lose weight?” I continued my bad eating habit, and late night food. I ate shortbread and icecream for lunch and Eba and Edikainkong for dinner, my tummy became like that of a pregnant woman. With being short, I became round like maltina bottle.

Thank God for my friend Ify, she introduced me to Ujay’s weightloss channel, I joined immediately and was keenly interested so I decided to enrol for GGD. The first two weeks of detox was so challenging but i made up my mind to see it through. The workouts became my icecream and the greens and vegetable became my shortbread. After a month the weight started dropping like melting ice, boy, I was so proud. By two months people started asking me what I did. I became a ‘GGD evangelist’. Though there are times I cheat because the praises started getting to head but with the help of Coach Ujay and Joesmal I got my head back to the game. At three months I was called the name I never answered before since birth: Omoge Lepa?. I have not looked back since then.

I Lost about 9.5kg. My tummy is so flat, my body is firmer and i have learnt to eat right to maintain my weight. Weightloss is all about determination, consistency and hardwork. Please dont starve yourself all in the name of dieting.Eating right might get you there but a combination of healthy eating with portion control and exercises will keep you in your desired weight without fear of relapse.

So friends if you have a stubborn fat, Ujay’s weightloss channel and GGD is the way to go. No drugs, no supplements. It is tested and trusted. You have your coaches and your fitfam to keep you in check.

I appreciate Coach Ujay for this forum and Coach Joesmal for all your support and my fitfam peeps, I luv you so much. So let’s keep the fat dropping y’all.


  • December 23, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Hey SIS, am happy for u , u were determined even when we made fun of u. Keep it up

  • December 23, 2015 at 11:12 pm

    Wow I remember you from my high school days . I just contacted Ujay too. She is so sweet she called me back almost immediately. I am starting this program ASAP. I can’t wait to be the next testifier of a GGD program


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