I was 84kg after i had my son but i completely neglected myself and i just kept pounding on the weight. i was 94kg as at Oct 29th 2015 and was desperate for change. I had tried every weightloss supplements including the C9, lost 3kg and later added 6kg. My husband and i went to friends baby dedication and i was asked if i was expecting. I felt like the ground should just swallow me, i was so ashamed! I saw coach ujay’s channel on BBM, immediately i contacted her for help. That was how it all started.

I started GGD program 30th of October 2015,the detox was not easy at all.
The first week i lost about 3kg and it felt so unreal, i would weigh myself with both analog and digital scale to be double sure that its real. I did all workouts and did my best to always eat right, it was initially difficult but became easy as time went on.

The first 2 weeks was truly painful and i was sore from exercises. Later, it got to a stage that the pain made me happy cos i knew i was doing something right! Now i weigh 82kg, 12kg lost so far! I look good and feel good. My clothes look better, everyone is asking how i did it?.

The confidence and the energy is like wow! I will never go back to the way i was. I am very grateful for coach ujay and coach joesmal for everything , the encouragment, the advices and all their help and all my fellow Ggd 9 members for having each others back and supporting each other. I am truly grateful for where i am now, still feels like a dream. Somebody pinch me!?

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