I’ve always known I had to shed my weight. I could hardly do 5 pushups at a stretch then I saw Ujay Weightloss Channel.

I joined the channel and decided to start the GGD Program in August. I started with 74kg. I learnt how to eat right in GGD and now I can do d most dreaded burpee lol (20 burpees na child play for me now, Oh pushups, squats is just me warming up) all thanks to Ujay n other coaches.

At my last visit to my doc, he was like how did u do it? Am now 65kg and I still wish to cut it down to 60kg. Its not been all easy but it’s totally worth it. Though it took me longer time to burn my fat but our body all respond to changes differently.

So thanks to all who made my weightloss journey smooth my amiable coaches- you are wonderful, Mariam, Reen, Ijeoma, Miss Cole n all GGD 4 Class- you are appreciated.

My hubby too who also pushes me am I feel lazy- thanks honey. I love you guys all very much.

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