Before I started my weightloss journey I was weighing 83kg, I tried so many products to the point of buying creams to reduce my tommy. I would always get discouraged and depressed with the way my tommy would bulge out anytime am dressed to go out, I would drink chinese tea daily nd apple cider vinegar all to burn fat because I heard from different sources that it burns fat but really had no effect.

I stumbled on ujay’s channel and was shocked with peoples transformation that I even started doubting in but I was encouraged to join when I saw people bigger than me trimming down. I was given meal plans,detox plan and daily workout although ujay made it very tough but I was determined. She would punish us with burpees for cheating but it was all for our benefit, I even fell sick in the process but it did not stop me from my target. Now I presently weigh 70kg and really loving my new look and now encourage people to join the program. Am really grateful to ujay and coach josemal for the motivation. Please continue the good work

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