collage_20151107083626586_20151107083840144Hello everyone
My name is Fatimah,  from Osun State..
All this while have always been trying to loose weight but I just add up back.. one time I used a diet coffee I ended up falling seriously sick.,  and my mum was against the idea of buying it but I ended up not liking it.. I just gave up
I recently did a general check up test and the first question the doctor asked me was Are you married?.  I said, nope and she said my dear ure still young if u don’t watch it u would be finding it hard during child birth…. I always breath so hard when am walking even my dad complains…
Until I finally decided to join Ggd Oct 2 with 87kg and a size 16.. At first my friends would laugh at me when I workout in the morning and I stored the refrigerator with fruits alone… it wasn’t funny after a week I lost 6kg already.. so my flatmates told me that the would join me once in a while but they still made jest of me…. My fiance didn’t like the idea of subscribing to ggd cos of what happened with the slim coffee… but as time went on he kept quiet and said no wahala… After a month November 2 I was 78… I’ve never lost weight like that like never in my life the last time I was 78 was 2013 cos anytime I sow new clothes I ended up dashing them out.. It’s annoying
After a month I said I wasn’t gonna subscribe again but guess what my fiance himself said pay now cos it’s working well for u… I was so happy….
This is the 5th week am already 76. 5 kg…. in 5 weeks I lost 10. 5kg… it has never happened even in a year not to talk of months….. I feel comfortable and happy eating healthy… no hospital or unnecessary headache again…
Thank to ujay for giving this golden opportunity to me.. and to our coaches joesmal and queen for always motivating us… to all Ggd8 ladies you guys rock… but me I can’t stop oh until am 60… Someone said I can’t do it and I hate to be dared cos am going to do very well


  • November 8, 2015 at 9:48 pm



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